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Building Docker images

This document provides instructions on how to build Docker images for OrioleDB, and how to test them.


Before you begin, make sure you have Docker installed on your local machine. If not, you can download and install it from the Docker official website.

  • docker -v


Open a terminal and navigate to the OrioleDB project directory, if you are not already in it:

  • cd path/to/orioledb

Build PostgreSQL 15 + OrioleDB extension:

  • docker build -t orioletest:15 --pull --network=host --progress=plain --build-arg PG_MAJOR="15" .

Start server:

  • docker run --name oriolest15 -v orioletest15data:/var/lib/postgresql/data -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=oriole123 -d orioletest:15

Connect to the server via psql:

  • docker exec -ti oriolest15 psql -U postgres

You should expect a similar psql message:

psql (15.5 OrioleDB public beta 5 PGTAG=patches15_22 alpine:3.17+clang build:2023-11-01T22:43:27+00:00)
Type "help" for help.


Enable orioledb extension:

  • create extension if not exists orioledb;

Test some commands:

postgres=# select orioledb_version();
OrioleDB public beta 4
(1 row)

postgres=# \d+
List of relations
Schema | Name | Type | Owner | Persistence | Access method | Size | Description
public | orioledb_index | view | postgres | permanent | | 0 bytes |
public | orioledb_index_descr | view | postgres | permanent | | 0 bytes |
public | orioledb_table | view | postgres | permanent | | 0 bytes |
public | orioledb_table_descr | view | postgres | permanent | | 0 bytes |
(4 rows)

postgres=# \dx
List of installed extensions
Name | Version | Schema | Description
orioledb | 1.0 | public | OrioleDB -- the next generation transactional engine
plpgsql | 1.0 | pg_catalog | PL/pgSQL procedural language
(2 rows)

postgres=# \dx+ orioledb
Objects in extension "orioledb"
Object description
access method orioledb
function orioledb_commit_hash()
function orioledb_compression_max_level()
function orioledb_evict_pages(oid,integer)
function orioledb_get_index_descrs()
function orioledb_get_table_descrs()
function orioledb_has_retained_undo()
function orioledb_idx_structure(oid,text,character varying,integer)
function orioledb_index_description(oid,oid,oid,text)
function orioledb_index_oids()
function orioledb_index_rows(oid)
function orioledb_page_stats()
function orioledb_parallel_debug_start()
function orioledb_parallel_debug_stop()
function orioledb_recovery_synchronized()
function orioledb_relation_size(oid)
function orioledb_sys_tree_check(integer,boolean)
function orioledb_sys_tree_rows(integer)
function orioledb_sys_tree_structure(integer,character varying,integer)
function orioledb_table_description(oid)
function orioledb_table_description(oid,oid,oid)
function orioledb_table_oids()
function orioledb_table_pages(oid)
function orioledb_tableam_handler(internal)
function orioledb_tbl_are_indices_equal(regclass,regclass)
function orioledb_tbl_check(oid,boolean)
function orioledb_tbl_compression_check(bigint,oid,integer[])
function orioledb_tbl_indices(oid)
function orioledb_tbl_structure(oid,character varying,integer)
function orioledb_ucm_check()
function orioledb_version()
function orioledb_write_pages(oid)
function pg_stopevent_reset(text)
function pg_stopevent_set(text,jsonpath)
function pg_stopevents()
view orioledb_index
view orioledb_index_descr
view orioledb_table
view orioledb_table_descr
(39 rows)

Quit from the database: \q

Stop the server:

  • docker stop oriolest15

Remove container:

  • docker container rm oriolest15

Remove docker image:

  • docker rmi orioletest:15

Remove the data volume:

  • docker volume rm orioletest15data

Building Docker Images

To build a Docker image, use one of the following commands:

To build PostgreSQL 16 + OrieleDB extension

docker build -t orioletest:16 --pull --network=host --progress=plain --build-arg PG_MAJOR="16" .

To build PostgreSQL 15 + OrieleDB extension

docker build -t orioletest:15 --pull --network=host --progress=plain --build-arg PG_MAJOR="15" .

Supported environment variables

This project aims to maintain compatibility with the Docker Official PostgreSQL image, and therefore, it also supports the environmental variables found there:


Read more:

Available Docker build args

  • --build-arg ALPINE_VERSION="3.18"

    • Choose which version of Alpine Linux to use. Default is 3.17.
    • You can choose from edge, 3.18, 3.17, 3.16, 3.15, 3.14, 3.13.
  • --build-arg BUILD_CC_COMPILER="gcc"

    • Choose the C compiler. Default is clang.
    • You can choose either clang or gcc.
  • --build-arg PG_MAJOR="16"

    • Choose the main version of PostgreSQL. Default is 15.
    • You can choose from 16, 15.
  • --build-arg DOCKER_PG_LLVM_DEPS='lvm15-dev clang15'

    • Choose the LLVM build environment. Default is llvm-dev clang.
    • If you're using Alpine version 3.18 or higher, use llvm15 because llvm16 is not supported yet.

For example, to build an image using Alpine version 3.17, the gcc compiler and PostgreSQL version 14, use the following command:

docker build --network=host --progress=plain \
--build-arg ALPINE_VERSION="3.17" \
--build-arg BUILD_CC_COMPILER="gcc" \
--build-arg PG_MAJOR="14" \
-t orioletest:14-gcc-alpine3.17 .

This command will build the Docker image and tag it as orioletest:14-gcc-alpine3.17.

Experimental OrioleDB + PostGIS Extension build

Known limitations:

  • It only works with Alpine 3.18. This is due to a Docker postgis/docker-postgis limitation. The build script expects the sfcgal package, which is only available in Alpine 3.18 or later versions.
  • OrioleDB gist, sp-gist, and other related indexes are not yet supported.

Step 1: create image: orioletest:16-gcc-alpine3.18

docker build --pull --network=host --progress=plain \
--build-arg ALPINE_VERSION="3.18" \
--build-arg BUILD_CC_COMPILER="gcc" \
--build-arg PG_MAJOR="16" \
--build-arg DOCKER_PG_LLVM_DEPS="llvm15-dev clang15" \
-t orioletest:16-gcc-alpine3.18 .

Step2: Build the oriolegis:16-3.4 image.

in a new directory, run this commands:

git clone
cd ./docker-postgis/16-3.4/alpine
docker build --network=host --progress=plain \
--build-arg BASE_IMAGE=orioletest:16-gcc-alpine3.18 \
-t oriolegis:16-3.4 .

Developer notes

To build all Docker image variations on a local machine, run the following command:

  • ./ci/